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cable laying for Dogger Farm project

Dogger Bank Wind Farm, UK

NKT supports developers of Dogger Bank Wind Farm in enabling green supply to 6 million UK households

Key Facts


Dogger Bank Wind Farm

Location of the project:

The North Sea

Quantity of order:

Three turnkey 320 kV HVDC offshore and onshore power cable systems with a capacity of 1200 MW each.

Total route length:

680 km (205 km for phase A and B, 270 km for phase C)


2019 – ongoing Planned commissioning steps in 2024, 2025 and 2026


  • HVDC cable systems, including approx. 1200 km submarine DC export cable, landfall, topside and HVAC onshore cable systems
  • Project management
  • Design and engineering of cable systems
  • Manufacturing of cable systems
  • Landfall and nearshore work (4 x 1350m, 2 x 1050 m) HDD installation
  • Offshore cable-laying
  • Jointing and termination both onshore and offshore
  • Testing and commissioning
cable laying for Dogger Farm project
Cable laying offshore cable
Barge loading
Cable drums ready for boarding
Cable laying offshore wind project

The project

Securing power transmission from UK´s first high-voltage direct current (DC) connected wind farm

The Dogger Bank Wind Farm project phases A, B and C need reliable high-voltage power links.
The offshore wind farm phases are being developed as a joint venture by Equinor, SSE Renewables and ENI Plenitude. The project is seen as a centerpiece of UK´s ambitious goal to reach 40 GW of installed offshore wind capacity and have UK households powered by offshore wind by 2030. The large offshore wind farm, created at a distance far from shore, will deliver power for millions of homes.  
At NKT, we are pleased and proud to be selected as main contractor for the delivery and installation of the high-voltage DC onshore and offshore export cable systems. Equinor and SSE Renewables are our long-term customers and they recognize us as a professional partner in the industry. We gladly support them with our expertise and contribute to an increasing use of renewable energy sources in Europe.
As turnkey supplier of the cable systems, we are responsible for cable designs, accessory designs, engineering, manufacturing, laying and installation of the cables. Also the landfall cable including HDD (horizontal directional drilling) and the jointing to the onshore cables are included in the scope.

The solution

NKT manufacture all cable systems needed and install them using our cable-laying vessel NKT Victoria.

NKT manufacture all cable systems needed and install them using our cable-laying vessel NKT Victoria.
The high-voltage cables will be produced in our state-of-the-art factory in Karlskrona, Sweden, which operates on 100 % renewable electricity and thereby lowering the carbon footprint of the production. The manufacturing will result in two 265 km long and four 175 km long 320 kV DC offshore export power cables as well as a 320 kV DC onshore export power cables.
For the cable-laying we will use our own vessel, NKT Victoria, which is one of the industry’s most advanced purpose-built vessels. We secure the HDD at landfall, despite some challenging adverse soil conditions, as well as accessories, joints, terminations and DTS systems – offshore and onshore. 
The fact that we were chosen for all three phases of the Dogger Bank underlines our proven ability and know-how to handle very large turnkey projects. When fully commissioned, the large wind farm will have an installed capacity of 3.6 GW and be the UK’s first high-voltage DC connected wind farm.    


NKT produces world’s first HVDC power cables using low-carbon copper

The initiative will reduce the carbon footprint of the HVDC power cables by more than 35 % and is part of NKT’s ambition to become a net-zero emissions company no later than 2050.
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copper coil close up

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