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Image of Hornsea 2

Hornsea 2, The North Sea, UK

NKT enables transmission of power from the world´s biggest offshore wind farm

Key Facts


Ørsted Wind Power A/S

Location of the project:

The North Sea

Quantity of order:

220 kV HVAC XLPE offshore export cable system with a capacity of 1.32 GW

Total cable length:

196 km

Cable route lengths:

3x approx. 65 km



NKT paves the way for a sustainable future

Hornsea 2, the world´s biggest offshore windfarm, powering well over 1.3 million UK homes with green electricity. Our high-voltage cable system enables the green transition and is yet another step to meet European Union goal of being carbon neutral by 2050.

  • HVAC cable system, including 196 km submarine AC cable
  • Design and engineering of cable system
  • Manufacturing of submarine cable system
  • Offshore cable-laying and installation
  • Termination, jointing and testing
Image of Hornsea 2
Image of Hornsea 2
Image of Hornsea
Image of Hornsea 2
Image of Hornsea 2
Image of Hornsea

The project

In the North Sea, the Hornsea 2 offshore wind farm needed a reliable high-voltage power link connected to shore.

The Hornsea 2 wind farm is developed by Ørsted Wind Power A/S, 89 km off the Yorkshire coast to the east of the UK. It will cover an area of 462 km2, consist of 165 wind turbines and has a capacity of more than 1.3 GW. With the world’s largest offshore power substation, the completed wind farm will provide green and clean electricity to more than 1.3 million households in the UK.
NKT was awarded a contract by Ørsted to supply 196 km of high-voltage cables. The contract also included termination and jointing on the offshore platforms.
Ørsted is one of our long-time customers who value our expertise, know-how and technical solutions. We have, for example, already delivered high voltage cable system to the adjacent Hornsea 1 wind farm that currently is the world´s biggest offshore wind farm. At over 1.3 GW, Hornsea 2 will overtake Hornsea 1 as the number one in the world.
In addition, we were awarded a contract by Boskalis to execute the offshore cable installation in three campaigns.

The solution

We manufactured a system of three far-shore cables and performed the offshore cable installation.

The submarine cable system was manufactured in our advanced factory in Karlskrona, Sweden. It consists of three 220 kV high-voltage AC XLPE offshore export cables. The purpose is to connect the offshore wind farm to the reactive power compensation platform that is bringing the power towards land.
We installed the cables on the platforms and ensured the cable-laying part at depths of 27 to 64 meters using our purpose-built vessel NKT Victoria. The state-of-the-art vessel ensures maximum efficiency and minimum impact on the environment.
NKT’s Engineering Center and Marine Operations Department have designed, engineered and procured all of the customized equipment required to ensure the safe pull-in and hang-off of the three export cables on the offshore substation.
Despite the pandemic, everything from production and loading to installation ran according to the plan. We had a very good cooperation with Ørsted. One of NKT's strengths during project execution is our continuous dialogue aiming to find the optimal solution for all parties involved. The cables was delivered and installed on-time and within the planned tight budget.

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