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NKT is electrifying the corporate car fleet

Jun 8, 2021

As part of its climate actions to reduce the corporate carbon footprint, NKT has started the transition to electrical company cars aiming for a fully electrical car fleet by 2025.

Charger for electrical cars, Karlskrona
The electrification of transportation is a key driver in the global transition to renewable energy, and as a central player in the green transformation, NKT now continues its journey to become a net-zero emissions company. The company has now initiated a stepwise introduction of electrical cars in the company fleet.
- According to the UN, transportation accounts for more than 20% of the global CO2e-emissions making it a key focus area in the journey towards a low-carbon future. We are taking centre stage in the transitions to renewable energy and are constantly working to reduce our corporate emissions and have now started the transition to electrical company cars as fuel generates a significant part our corporate CO2e-emissions, says Alexander Kara We will have
Today, less than 5% of the company cars in NKT are electric and the transition has now begun. The company aims to have a fully electrical car fleet by 2025.
In 2020, fuel for stationary and non-stationary equipment accounted for 47% of the corporate CO2e-emissions and reducing the fuel consumption is central to the ambition of becoming a net-zero emissions company. To support the transition to electric cars, NKT has installed chargers as several corporate sites and with more planned.
The transition to electrical cars will begin in Denmark, Germany and Sweden then followed by other countries where NKT is present.

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