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Connecting the Americas of tomorrow

An industry leader in telecom power cables, NKT is helping to unite the continent with 5G. We are pioneers on a constant journey of innovation. We’re your trusted connectivity partner.

On the road to a better future

By connecting the Americas like never before, 5G will open up a new technological landscape for millions of people. Automated vehicles, wearable computers, virtual universes, augmented realities, and possibilities yet to be imagined. The opportunity is huge.
For 130 years, NKT has helped build the backbone of modernity. We have over 40 years’ experience in energy cables for the telecom industry. Today, we’re helping power this new industrial revolution. A reliable partner, ready to create the future of telecom energy cables.

Setting a new standard for cables

Every NKT telecom energy cable is fully optimized across cost, performance and ease of use. Here are three reasons you can rely on NKT:
  • Availability – delivering from our two North American warehouses, we’re your ideal partner for time-critical projects thanks to a large, flexible production capacity and deep experience in cable manufacture
  • Responsiveness – our US team has built lasting partnerships with customers because we anticipate their needs and deliver what we promise. We’re open and communicative. Whenever you need us, we are only a phone call away
  • Quality – in the six years we’ve operated in America, we’ve had zero rejects for our cables. They’re designed specifically for telecoms and adhere to top fire safety requirements. We know customers rely on you, so we make cables you can rely on.

Let's partner to power the new industrial revolution

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Our product portfolio

NKT cables are developed in close cooperation with the telecom industry. So as the industry has changed – from traditional cabinet base stations to distributed radio units and small cell radio systems – our energy cables have changed too.
A broad range of indoor and outdoor designs means we can offer cost-effective energy cables for almost any site solution. Professional installers prefer NKT because our cables are more flexible, easier to prepare, and easier to handle.
A flexible production set-up and US warehousing mean you can count on us to deliver with short lead times. NKT cables are always manufactured to quality and safety standards in accordance with UL.

From America to the world

NKT is on the ground in North America with a subsidiary and warehouse in Dallas, Texas. Beyond these shores we are a truly global industry player, manufacturing energy cables from production plants throughout Europe.

Legacy you can trust

Our telecom journey began with fixed line energy cables before moving on to NMT and then GSM. Since then we’ve grown with the technology – from 3G to 4G to 5G.
Thanks to our history of innovation and constant drive to improve, we are the preferred global supplier for multiple OEMs and carriers.
NKT customers range from global telecom vendors to highly specialized niche players. Large or small, they trust us because we put their needs first, developing specific products on request. 

Our cables in use

The diagrams below show two energy cable set-ups for a typical telecom tower. In both set-ups, the power cables run from a power distribution unit on the ground to radios mounted on the tower, close to the antennae. Grounding cables connect any equipment (such as radios or cabinets) to an earth terminal, while battery cables connect power distribution to backup batteries.
Telecom Energy Cables in Use
Diagram A depicts separate power cables running to each radio.
Telecom Energy Cables in Use
Diagram B depicts one trunk power cable running to multiple radios via a power junction box.

NKT delivers a quality product, at speed, with short lead times. I’m proud of our ability to create strong, lasting partnerships. We are proactive, responsive, and we always follow through.

— Bobby Galitz, Director / Country Head Americas

We’re helping the American telecom industry power the fourth industrial revolution today.

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Robert Galitz

Director / Country Head Americas

David Lundquist

US Telecom Sales Manager

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